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An exploration of all things high strange.

007: Popcorn Grab-Bag Classic

HP and Bunnicula cover a slew of subjects, revisits, updates, etc.

Welcome to Dizzy Spell, where hosts Bunnicula and HP Hovercraft invite you on an odyssey through the realms of the inexplicable and the unknown.

Each episode is a portal into the strange and fascinating; from encounters with aliens to deep dives into occult mysteries, from discussions on futuristic concepts to explorations of weird pop culture phenomena, Dizzy Spell serves as a beacon for those seeking to unravel the enigmas of our universe. Join us as we traverse the nebulous landscapes of high strangeness, guiding you through the uncharted territories of consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and the intricacies of the human experience.

Get ready to expand your mind and embrace the wonders that await you in the Dizzy Spell.

Photo by Linda Parrott

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